• JUNE 25 – Practice and BBQ

    This Saturday, training starts for EVERYONE at 10:00 am. BBQ starts at 12 pm – ALL the family welcome. Please bring a salad or dessert to share. Club will provide sausages, meat, bread, drinks.

  • Yverdon Tournament

    Congratulations to everyone who came to Yverdon – biggest Riviera turnout ever for a tournament – 55 kids!!!  Wonderful effort from all involved, and clear improvement in the quality of play over the course of the tournament.

  • Les Fetes de Blonay

    Fete de Blonay – great weekend (slightly damp), wonderful opportunity to drive awareness of the club, and generate funds. Thanks to everyone who helped, in particular Yann Vannier for arranging/leading everything over the weekend – again photos would be nice.

  • “TEAM STUFF” Implementation

    We are launching a new service to aid in communication, planning and scheduling.  The solution is called “Teamstuff” and you can register in TWO easy steps: Register you and your player(s) here, by team: U6 – https://teamstuff.com/join/riviera-rugby-u6/8a020b85 U8 – https://teamstuff.com/join/riviera-rugby-u8/b5bb41d7 U10 – https://teamstuff.com/join/riviera-rugby-u10/b453880b U12 – https://teamstuff.com/join/riviera-rugby-u12/6586a339 U14 – https://teamstuff.com/join/riviera-rugby-u14/da3bdd5c Download the mobile app for “Teamstuff” to your smartphone: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/teamstuff/id569378409?mt=8 This is […]

  • Limited Training – Entrainement Limité 4 June 2016

    The normal pitch is CLOSED We have found an alternative, but due to size restrictions, we can only train the following groups:- 9 – 10 am – U8 & U10 – ONLY the players who are playing in the Tournoi de Leman on 5th June. 10 – 11am – All U14s, and the U12s who […]

  • Monthey Tournament/Tournoi – 22 Mai 2016

    Monthey Tournament/Tournoi 22 Mai 2016 Equipes :- m8/m10/m12  Teams: u8/u10/u12 Si votre enfant n’est pas inscrit – contacte l’administration Samedi matin. If your child is not registered and wants to play, contact the administration desk on Saturday.   Rendez-vous Dimanche à 10:00 à Grand Pré ou a Monthey à 11:00 Meet at the Blonay pitch […]

  • Fribourg Tournament – meeting instructions

    Meet at 9:45 at Grand Pré Blonay, or at Fribourg at 11:00   u12s and u 14s meet at Terrain Des Neigles, Route de Stadtberg – link below Terrain, Route de Stadtberg, u10s and u8s meet at the Place Petit Saint Jean – Musee Suisse des Marionettes – link below Suisse Musee de Marionettes   […]

  • New Season has started -all the détails and online registration link below

    Samedi/Saturday Timings:                      Année de naissance 2008 – 2011          9:00-10:15                                             Année de naissance 2002 – 2007              10:30-12:00 Mardi/Tuesday Timings:                            Année de naissance 2002 – 2005               18:30-19h30 NOUVEAU: PROTEGE DENTS pour les enfants 2002-2009 sont OBLIGATOIRES pour la formation et des tournois. Si vous n’avez pas, vous pouvez l’acheter de l‘administration du club. INSCRIPTION/Registration :Please register electronically using the link below. Pouvez-vous s’il vous plaît inscrire électroniquement, en utilisant le lien suivant…… Online Registration

  • JUNIOR rugby annulé / cancelled 23rd April

    Due to the heavy rain overnight, the pitch is waterlogged – and following an early morning pitch inspection, unfortunately, training is cancelled this morning. Grace a le pluie fort pendant le nuit, le terrain est gorgé d’eau – et apres an inspection du terrain ce matin, malheureusement, l’entrainement est annulé ce matin.