A Typical Tournament Day

Kids Tournaments are normally organised on a Sunday, and involve competitions from different age groups (U8, U10, U12), and multiple teams, all at the same venue. They are normally a maximum of 1 ½ hours drive away – and parents are expected to organise transport either directly themselves or via other parents/coaches with spare places.

Before you go, make sure:

  1. You have notified the coach that your child will be playing – using the TeamStuff App please
  2. Bring the following – boots, socks, shorts, shirt (the club will have some spares, but most children like to play in their own shirts), gum shield, and a picnic. If it is hot, sun screen is also recommended, and if raining, a waterproof jacket.

09:30 - 10:00

Rendezvous at Blonay

Rendezvous at Grand Pré, Blonay – if you wish to drive directly to the stadium/pitch, you are welcome to do so. Collect all materials from the sheds (balls, cones, spare shirts, tents if required), arrange spaces for the children who need them, ensure everyone knows where they are going.

09:30 - 10:00


Rendezvous at Tournament

Rendezvous at the stadium/pitch for the tournament.
Establish a base for all players and parents (if raining/hot we will normally take tents to shelter under). Some parents bring their own tents/chairs – as seating is not provided.
Coaches report into administration, and register the players.
Children get changed if not already, and have something to eat.


Warm Up & Practice

Start warm up & practice



Tournament Starts

Tournament games start, based on schedule put together by the organizers.
To ensure player safety, and that they do not become over tired, each team will play a maximum of 60 minutes of rugby during the day. For example, if there are 6 teams, they will each play 5 games of a maximum length of 12 minutes.
At each tournament, it is the responsibility of the organisers to provide first aid support. This is often through local volunteer services. They will help with all bumps and bruises and are able to call on ambulances if required (it does happen occasionally).


Tournament Finishes

Tournament finishes, there is usually (but not always) some food provided to the children by the organizers (typically a sandwich, fruit, sweet snack and a drink). The winners of each group are announced, and usually (but not always) presented with a trophy/medal.



Home Time

Parents and players leave.