What You Need (FR)

Rugby requires relatively little equipment, but given the physical nature of the game, you need to ensure that you use strong, robust clothing, with no fasteners, or jewellery that may cause damage to you or other players.

Outdoor Training

  • Rugby/Football Boots with plastic studs
  • Sports Shorts
  • Strong shirt (rugby shirt recommended)
  • Sports Socks
  • Gum Shield (7 years and older)
  • WET/WINDY – we recommend a rain/wind proof training top with no metal fastenings.

Indoor Training

  • Clean Trainers
  • Sports Shorts
  • Sports Shirt
  • Sports Socks

Boot exchange – we operate a boot exchange program. If you have old boots that do not fit you or your child anymore , please bring them to us, and put them in our boot box, so other people can have a look. If you need some new boots, check out the box, and if you find some, just give us a small donation of 5 CHF, and you can take them.

Riviera Rugby Shop – we have a range of quality Riviera Rugby products. All of our rugby clothing is produced by a UK manufacturer. Most items are kept in stock e.g. mouth guards, balls, socks, shorts, hoodies, rain resistant tops, etc, however, personalised items e.g. shirts,  have to be ordered. To buy, please contact the administration desk on a Saturday morning.

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Note: Riviera Rugby club takes player safety very seriously. We offer an adapted rugby focussed first aid training to our coaches and interested parents, updated every 2 years.  However, we do not recommend the use of headguards in children, as we believe they can lead to a false sense of confidence, particularly in younger players – leading to the development of poor and dangerous technique.

‘Rugby head guards do not prevent concussion. In some individuals, they may increase risk taking behaviour and thus actually increase the risk of head impacts’ – England Rugby – concussion awareness training programme.