Charter for Fair Play

Rugby is a physical sport, with a focus on respect for ones fellow players – played with a sense of fair play.  This spirit is embodied in our  Charter for Fair Play which we encourage all players and parents to read and follow.

Whatever role I play in sport, even as a spectator, I pledge to:

    • Celebrate

      Make every sporting event, whatever situation, a special moment, a kind of celebration.

    • Be Respectful

      Respect my adversaries

    • Follow the Rules

      Comply with the rules and the spirit of the sport.

    • Accept Decisions

      Accept the decisions of referees knowing that, like me, they are entitled to make mistakes, and they do everything to avoid them.

    • Don’t Cheat

      Avoid evil and aggression in my actions, my words and my writings. Do not resort to tricks or cheating to get success.

    • Be Dignified

      Stay dignified in victory as in defeat.

    • Help Others

      Help everyone by my presence, my experience and my understanding. Offer assistance to any injured athlete or whose life is in danger.

    • Be an ambassador

      Be an ambassador of the sport, helping others apply these principles.