Can You Help

As a club with over 200 children joining us for rugby every year, and running multiple events, we are always looking for people interested in helping.

Coaching – We are always looking for people interested in joining our coaching team. No experience is needed – you can start by assisting one of our experienced coaches, and build up from there. Of course, if you are an experienced coach you are more than welcome to help run one of our teams. If you want to gain formal coaching training, we offer access to Swiss Rugby Federation and Jeunesse de Sport training courses, fully funded by the club. If you are interested in coaching, please contact the admin team, or any member of the committee.

Coffee & Cake Stall – every Saturday morning training, we run a coffee and cake stall, providing snacks for parents and children, as well as raising much needed funds for the club. We run a rota for parents to provide biscuits, cookies and cakes, as well as actually run the stall. If you are interested in joining the rota, please contact the admin team.

Summer Barbecue – at the end of June every year, we organise a summer barbecue for all members of the club (whether child or adult members), and their families. Organising an event for over 300 people takes a lot of energy, so if you are interested in helping set up, serving, clear away, cooking the sausages, please make yourself known to the admin team, or look out for the emails looking for assistance.

End of Season Kids/Juniors Party – at the end of the kids/junior season in November, we celebrate the performance of our children, and thank the coaches for all their efforts. We provide food and drink for all the family, and give an end of season gift to every child member of the club. If you are interested in helping set up, serve, clear away, please make yourself known to the admin team, or look out for the emails asking for assistance.

Fête de Blonay – every 2 years, the village of Blonay organises a village Festival, typically in the middle of June, running from the Friday late afternoon, until very late on Saturday night. Riviera Rugby club organises a bar and food stall, providing a key way of raising the profile of the club, as well as generating significant funds. The bar runs from until 3am on Saturday and Sunday morning, and we of course have to set up and clear away. In total we need over 100 man hours of work from our volunteers, it can be fun, but is hard work, particularly at 3 in the morning ! If you are interested in helping, please contact the admin desk, or look out for the email asking for help.

Administration – many things go on behind the scenes, that are absolutely essential to the running of the club – communicating training, tournaments, events, running websites, sending emails, keeping the register, maintaining databases, ordering merchandise, selling merchandise, buying food for events. The list of tasks can seem endless. If this is an area that fits your skill set, please get in touch with the admin desk on a Saturday morning, we are always looking for additional help.