Rugby Club Riviera is responsible for collecting, processing and using your personal data and ensuring that the data is processed in accordance with Swiss law.

Your trust is important to us, which is why we take the topic of data protection seriously and ensure that an appropriate level of security is provided. It goes without saying that we adhere to the legal provisions of the Federal Act on Data Protection (FADP), the Ordinance to the Federal Act on Data Protection (DPO), the Telecommunications Act (TCA) and, where applicable, other data protection legislation, particularly the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (hereinafter referred to as GDPR).

So that you know what type of personal data we collect from you and what purposes we use it for, please note the information below.

  1. Scope and purpose of collecting, processing and using personal data

    1. when visiting

      When you visit our website, our servers temporarily save a record of every access in a log file. The following data is collected without your involvement and stored by us until it is automatically deleted after twelve months at the latest:

      • The IP address of the requesting computer
      • The date and time of the visit
      • The name and URL of the file accessed
      • The website from which it was accessed
      • Your computer’s operating system and the browser you used
      • The country from which you accessed it and your browser’s language settings
      • The name of your Internet access provider

    2. when using our membership form

      You are requested to use the online membership form to become a member of our club. The following personal data must be entered without fail:

      • Title
      • First name and surname
      • Date of birth
      • E-mail address
      • Address (additional address line (optional), street, house number, town, postcode, country)
      • Telephone number (optional)
      • Other non-personal data which is required for recording membership (membership from, section and membership)
      • Medical information relating to the applicant

    We will flag the mandatory entries: if this information is not made available, this can hinder the provision of our services. Providing other information is optional and has no influence on your use of our website.

    We use this data to activate your membership and for registration at official matches. You can revoke your consent for processing said data at any time (see below for contact details).

    When registering for official matches, we require your medical information otherwise you will not be eligible to play.

    We understand that this is sensitive personal data according to the FADP. Access to this data is restricted strictly to the administration team, and coaches. The database on which this information is held is secured HOW. You can obtain a copy of the medical information we have for your child or can have this information amended or removed at any time by making a written request to

    By registering, you are giving us your consent to process the specified data in an external database for the purpose of regular participations to competitions. Please note we are entitled to pass on your data for this purpose (cf. section 2 below). You also consent to the publication of photos and videos taken during the competitions.

  2. Passing on data to third parties

    We only pass on your personal data if you have expressly consented to this, if there is a legal obligation to do so or if this is required to enforce our rights, in particular to enforce claims arising from the relationship between you and Rugby Club Riviera.

  3. Transfer of personal data abroad

    Rugby Club Riviera is also entitled to transfer your personal data to third-party companies (contracted service providers) abroad, insofar as this is required for processing data as defined in this Privacy Policy. Said service providers undertake to guarantee data protection within the same scope as ourselves. If the data protection level in a particular country does not match Swiss or European standards, we shall ensure by means of a contract that protection of your personal data matches the level stipulated by legislation of Switzerland or the EU.

    NOTE : we only use this section if your child will register to play a match outside of Switzerland

  4. Data security

    We make use of suitable technical and organisational security measures, in order to protect your personal data stored by us against manipulation, partial or total loss and unauthorised access by third parties.

    We also take in-house data protection very seriously. We have obliged our employees and the service providers contracted by us to maintain secrecy and adhere to data protection legislation.

  5. Right to information, correction, deletion and processing restrictions; right to transferability of data

    You have the right to receive free information on request about your personal data stored by us. In addition, you have the right to have incorrect data corrected and the right to have your personal data deleted, unless this is in direct conflict with any legal retention obligation or where the law specifically allows us to process the data.

    You also have the right to request that we return to you any data which you gave to us.

    You can contact us for the aforementioned purposes via the e-mail address We may at our own discretion request proof of your identity before we process your requests.

  6. Right to appeal to a data protection supervisory authority

    Amending the Privacy Policy

    We reserve the right to amend this Privacy Policy at any time. We therefore recommend that you review this Policy on a regular basis. This page was last amended on 12 February 2019.

    General points

    If you have any questions or comments about our legal disclaimer or this Privacy Policy, please contact us by sending an e-mail to

  7. Use of images

    If you share photographs or films, you consent for to these images being used on the Rugby Riviera Club website.

    If you participate in a match organised by or with the participation of Rugby Club Riviera, you consent to any images relating to the match or the team participating in the match to be published on the Rugby Riviera website.

    You have the right to have the images removed from the Rugby Riviera website by making a written request to

  8. Feedback

    If you have any questions or comments about our legal disclaimer or this Privacy Policy, please contact us by sending an e-mail to